Transforming Healthcare with DevOps

By InDiv - 9 December 2022

Transforming Healthcare with DevOps
Publication date 9 December 2022
Language English
Publisher Packt Publishing
ISBN-13 978-1801817318
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Technology is an important driver for change, but in essence we should design and plan for personalized health and not focus on the tech. Healthcare transformation requires more than just technology: medical staff, supporting staff, and patients including their community need to embrace it. We need a methodology to bring it all together: people, organizations, and technology by creating common understanding.

This book presents ways to build understanding between the stakeholders and agree jointly on the way forward. Every chapter of this book has a specific theme, providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges, the opportunities and the approaches to deal with them in architecture and transformation. You will be able to guide the digital transformation of global healthcare. It includes the impact of new technologies, but addresses primarily a methodology or framework for common understanding in the first place. The framework is referred to as TISH: transformation in sustainable healthcare. In addition, you will also apply OODA principles (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) and DevOps4Care in real practice, step-by-step.

By the end of this book, you will not only understand the issues and challenges, but also possess a workable, actionable solution in the form of a roadmap.

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