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By Jeroen Mulder - juli 22, 2022

JeroenMulder- Blog Writers update

We’re in the midst of the holiday season. Obviously, I’m taking some time off as well – and luckily we are allowed to travel again, so spending some quality time with family in respectively Denmark, Sweden and later this year in Hungary’s wonderful capital Budapest.

But the holiday seasons for me mostly mean time to write. Henry Mulder and myself are working on the final chapters of our healthcare-book describing TiSH and DevOps4Care.

In that book we will explain the need and complexity of the digital transformation of healthcare using a comprehensive model that consists of 7 treads: Transformation into Sustainable Healthcare (TiSH). Readers will learn how to embrace all scales from individuals, teams, and organization to networked care in communities and society through micro-enterprises, focused on health experiences and by using modern technologies and agile development methodologies introducing DevOps4Care.

Talking about micro-enterprises: I’m a true fan of this organizational model that already has been applied by leading enterprises such as Amazon and Spotify. As a matter of fact, my current employer Fujitsu is organizing parts of its business in micro-enterprises. Hence, I’m also using the so-called RenDanHeYi models in my book about modern enterprise architecture (EA) is not only about technology: it comprises much more, including the organization of the enterprise. That book will be published by Apress and is due in the first half of coming year. 

Lastly, my writing career started with a book about multi-cloud, published at Packt. This week the second edition was announced on the Packt-website.

That second edition is not just an update, but will contain new chapters on micro-services, containers, serverless and SaaS. Chapters about BaseOps, DevSecOps and FinOps will be extended. Basically, it’s a new book.

On this site I will regularly post updates on the progress, but you are cordially invited to follow me on LinkedIn too. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer! 

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