The power of periodic tables

By InDiv - augustus 29, 2022

In chemistry class we all had (assumption) to learn the periodic table of elements. I think it’s about five years ago when I first spotted a periodic table that didn’t loo quite like the thing that I learned at school.

The concept was copied to a table with DevOps tools by XebiaLabs. Today, the periodic table of DevOps tools is published by But the concept is spreading. For good reasons, since it provides a comprehensive method to view different technology solutions in IT and cloud. The best ones are interactive; allow for selection per group and providing more information per product or service by clicking on a tile. 

On this page I collected the most relevant ones in my opinion. Obviously starting with the original, the one for DevOps tools.

This one is cool too – and regularly updated: the table for network monitoring by Patrick Gebhardt.

Into AI, algorithms and deep learning? Check this one out.

And there are the tables per technology provider. This one is for all services that can be provisioned in Microsoft Azure.

This awesome piece of work contains all services in AWS.

And lastly, this one reflects the VMWare portfolio, including Tanzu and various security tools.

There are and will be many more, I’m sure. Please send me a mail or direct message on my LinkedIn-page with suggestions. Let’s catch them all. 

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