Will the real DevOps please stand up

There’s a reason why DevOps is one word. The reason is that it’s one team: a DevOps team that is accountable for both development and operations. Over the past decade I’ve seen a lot of companies doing DINO: DevOps in name only. Sure: there’s a Kanban-board with colorful sticky notes (or if you’re lucky teams […]

Why DevOps is like Miles Davis – or the Swedish Chef

I finally got my Miles Davis tattoo. He was missing on my inked ‘music arms. And whilst the needle scribbled up and down my skin, I thought about my favorite album. It’s probably the weirdest album ever made: Bitches Brew, rightfully subtitled ‘directions in music by Miles Davis’. It’s acclaimed to be one of the […]

We’re moving back… on prem – but with what?

(originally published in December 2019) IT is all about cycles. Let me illustrate that from my own experience. I’m in the business now for over twenty years. When I started off, the big thing was – really – mainframes or a-like systems. Big iron that could contain multiple workloads. One of the first big projects […]

Cracking Enigma in the Quantum Era

Every encryption specialist must have heard about Enigma, an encoding machine already developed in the twenties by a company called Chriffriermaschinen AG but mostly known by the use of the Nazi’s during World War II. Eventually, after almost six months of hard work Alan Turing and his team managed to crack the code used by […]

Modern Enterprise Architecture 

Jeroen Mulder

Modern Enterprise Architecture is my latest book. Learn how to develop a North Star enterprise architecture including cloud-native technology and using a DevSecOps methodology. It’s for sale now on

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Books by Jeroen

Multi-Cloud Architecture and Governance

Everything about multi-cloud, leveraging AWS, Azure, GCP and on premise solutions.

Enterprise DevOps for Architects

Learn how to implement DevOps on enterprise scale.
Transforming Healthcare with DevOps

Transforming Healthcare with DevOps

A practical guide on how to embrace the complexity of healthcare, along with technology.