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By Jeroen Mulder - april 11, 2022

Crazy times. 

Well, the good news is that we are leaving the pandemic behind us. I did choose those words really carefully: we’re leaving the pandemic behind us, however the pandemic is not leaving us. A massive amount of people still get COVID19. It’s certainly not over yet. 

And then there’s this madness at the eastern borders of the European continent. War at only a day travel. The images that come to us from Ukraine are nothing but horrifying. 

Still, life goes on. It’s a weird experience. In the morning paper you read the stories about the war, refugees, the multiple crises coming at us… economic, humanitarian, climate. And then the daily job calls. Get on stage and talk about cloud, DevOps and FinOps. Start writing another chapter of a book. Join the first meetings of the day. Does it matter? 

Yes. It does matter. At the time of writing I’m working for Philips. We are in healthcare and we have an obligation to improve the life of billions of people around the globe. That’s our purpose, it’s our mission. 

My personal mission is sharing knowledge. I do that through my talks and my books. I’m working on two books right now, one on the transformation of healthcare. It matters a great deal and I get confirmation of that every day.

A couple of weeks ago, Forbes published an article about the future of healthcare. A study showed that 75% of healthcare-workers will leave the profession by 2025 because of the enormous pressure these professionals experience in their jobs. The pandemic only caused extra stress – and a peak in burnout cases. 

Health workers need ,,solutions that enhance the performance of science, health and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions and deliver better care,” the article quotes the study by Elsevier Health. (Full article here). It’s the core topic of that third book that’s planned for release later this year. 

Next to that I got invited to write a book on modern enterprise architecture. I just started the work on that one. And: a second edition of my first book coming up, all about the challenges in multicloud. I’m grateful of all the opportunities to keep sharing my knowledge. 

You’re reading this on my brand new personal website. Here I will post regular updates on the writing and share my thoughts with you.

Life goes on. Stay strong, wherever you are on this planet.

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